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Prespes Agreement opponents organize “National Conference on Macedonia name”

The Pan-Macedonian confederation organizes a “National Conference on the Macedonia name issue” later this month in Athens.

Aim of the conference is “to launch multilevel actions for the Greek citizens in and outside Greece who are affected by the Prespes Agreement and their individual and collective rights are violated” of 17. June 2018, organizers said in a press release.

They noted further that legal measures will be taken against any possible governmental action that  “may threaten the national and sovereign rights of Greece.”

The Pan-Macedonian Confederation calls on Greeks to join the Conference and show national unity.

Organizers expect a big participation from inside and outside Greece even from diaspora Greeks living in Russia.

Speaking to Russian news agency sputnik organizers said Greeks form the whole world will discuss the “Greek-Macedonia agreement on Macedonia’s name.”

“This will be a large meeting of the Greeks from whole Greece and the whole world. The Greeks from Russia will also arrive. The problems in the relations with Skopje at many levels will be discussed. The new data on the Prespes Agreement [on Macedonia’s naming issue] will be presented. Famous Greek lawyers have prepared a legal opinion. Historians will tell about the origins of the problem. The problem of splitting the church in Skopje, which wants to separate from the Serbian Church, will be raised,” one of the organizers told sputnik.

The Pan-Macedonia Confederation stressed that “historical decisions will be taken with initiatives within and outside the national borders.”

The conference is scheduled for 21-23 October 2018 in the Old Parliament building in downtown Athens.

PS No offense but many Greeks in Greece and some official diaspora organizations in the USA claim ‘diaspora Greeks have no say in the country’s foreign policy.’

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