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European Commission releases data on Funds to Greece to deal with Migration

The European Commission has published a list of recipients of funds to Greece to deal with the migration crisis. An amount totaling 1.6 billion euros has been allocated to non-governmental organizations, international organizations and Greek authorities, even though only half of it has been disbursed.

The Commission released €650 million for the period from 2016 to 2018. € 605.3 million have been contracted to date, the Commission said in a statement issued on Oct 10.

From the €1.69 billion euros, allocated to Greek authorities are €794 million, to UNHCR 506.67 million, to IMO 119.7 million, to EASO 26 million, to several international NGOs – partners of the European Commission 201 million.

44.6 million to international organizations or NGOs have been approved but remain disbursed until now.

International organizations & NGOs

UNHCR (356.67 million)

IOM (47.7 million)

Danish Refugee Council (44,5 million)

International Rescue Committee (28.74 million)

ΙFRC (17.6 million)

Norwegian Refugee Council (17.3 million)

Arbeiter-Samariter-Bund (15.26 million)

UNICEF (14.8 million)

Medecins du Monde (14.3 million)

OXFAM (13.5 million)

Save the Children (9.65 million)

Mercy Corps (6.57 million)

Terre des Hommes (5.83 million),

CARE Germany (3.73 million),

Spanish Red Cross (2 million)

Μetadrasi (1  million)

Smile of the Child (0.8 million)

Greek authorities

Emergency Funds of €233 million have been approved and gradually allocated:

Defense Ministry 127.73 million

Health Ministry 27.45 million

Interior Ministry 26.95 million

Infrastructure & Transport Ministry 12.76 million

Migration Ministry 10.42 million

Before the EU Turkey Deal in March 2016, the following amounts were allocated:

First Reception Service 8.35 million

Greek Police 5.58 million

General Secretariat for Coordination 6 million

Greek Coast Guard 6.67 million

Asylum Service 1.18 million

To support the Greek authorities as well as international organizations and NGOs operating
in Greece in managing the refugee and humanitarian crisis, the Commission has allocated over €480 million in emergency assistance since the beginning of 2015.
The emergency funding comes on top of the €561 million already allocated to Greece
under the national programmes for 2014-2020 (€322.8 million from AMIF and €238.2 million from ISF).
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