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Aftershocks of 5.3R, 4.1R and 4.3R jolt Zakynthos on Tuesday

Strong aftershocks have  been jolting the island of Zakynthos in the last hours. An earthquake measuring 5.3 on Richter scale occurred early Tuesday morning. The powerful tremor occurred at 4:59 a.m. and it epicenter was 48 km South-West of the island. The earthquake followed a tremor of 4.1R that occurred at 00:22 almost with the same epicenter 49 km SW of Zakynthos.

At 10:32 a.m. one more aftershock of 4.3R occurred 55 km SW.

Seismologists have been waiting for strong aftershocks after the 6.8R last Friday.

They follow the seismic activity which they consider as normal, however, they warn that the phenomenon has not been concluded.

The powerful earthquake on 26. October caused relatively minor damages due to the location of its epicenter on the fault line but also because of the anti-seismic regulations in construction.

So far, some 80 houses have reported damages.

Three double houses have been evacuated as a piece of rock has been detached and is hanging over the homes.

The earthquake caused rockslides and created also a new beach in famous Myzithres in SW.


The powerful tremor of 26. October triggered a tsunami that reached Italy in less than an hour and shifted Zakynthos 3 cm South-West.

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