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Kavala: Part of central bridge collapses in Northern Greece (pictures)

A part of the central bridge in the city of Kavala, Northern Greece, collapsed short after 4 o’ clock on Friday afternoon.

Motorists moving on Nuremberg Avenue in front of the old hospital were shocked when they felt that the ground under their wheels was collapsing.

At the point of the collapse, a crane and a private car were just driving by. Both drivers survived without injuries.

The incident occurred on the lane leading to the city of Xanthi.

The reason for the collapse is so far “unknown.”

The bridge was built in 1988-1990.

According to state broadcaster ERT, a collapse even though not as big as the one on Friday had also occurred in 2016, almost at the same point.

The damage was fixed and experts gave the green light for the bridge static stability.

“It was a miracle that nobody was hurt,” local website kavalapost noted that posted also the pictures.

According to latest information, two crane are to pull the crane and the car off the bridge.

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