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Crete: Drunken priest punches police officer, bites another

A drunk priest on the island of Crete punched one police officer and bit another after he was stopped for driving down a local road the wrong way.

The priest was found on Sunday night to drive a lane in Herakleio’s main avenue the opposite way. He was driving under the influence of alcohol.

When police stopped him, the priest refused to undergo an alcohol  test.

The police officers took him to the central police station in the city and informed his daughter to come and get him.

After he was found guilty for offenses regarding traffic regulations, the man got angry. He attacked and punched a police officer and bite another.

The clergyman was taken to the court on Monday for insulting and causing bodily harm to the officers.

The priest asked for a deadline for his testimony, his trial is set for later this month.

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