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Strict security measures for Students’ Uprising Anniversary close also Metro stations

Greek police is on alert for the commemoration celebrations of the 45. Anniversary of the Students’ Uprising on 17. November 1973.

Due to increased attacks by anarchists against police officers and stations, all police stations have been equipped with additional fire extinguishers. Flash grenades, helmets and shields have been additionally distributed to police officers on night-shifts. Commanders and deputy commanders have been ordered to remain at police stations until late at night. The extra security measures affect police stations in Attica, media report.

More than 5,000 policemen are to be deployed in downtown Athens, especially on Saturday when the festivities end with a big march rally from the Polytechnic School next to the National Archaeological Museum to the US Embassy next to Megaron Mousikis.

Policemen are to be reportedly deployed outside police stations and governmental buildings, while policemen in civilian cloths are to monitor potential ‘suspected moves’ especially in Exarchia district, famous for the anarchists in the area.

Drones and also police helicopters will survey the rally from above transmitting live footage to the Police Coordination Center.

By police order, at least three Metro stations in downtown will be closed to public on 17. Nov 2018:

Metro station <Megaton> will close at 3:00 p.m., <Syntagma> and <Evaggelismos> at 3:30 p.m.

Metro trains will pass through the stations but will not halt. They will open again when the rally is over and Police gives the order.

Traffic measures have already gone into effect on Thursday (Nov 15) as the 3-day commemoration activities started.

Buses and trolley buses in the area of Polytechnio are to be diverted.

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