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Huge amount of “Jihadists’ drugs” seized after ship docks at Piraeus port

In a joint operation, Greek and Turkish authorities stroke a blow to a cargo of more than 5 million Captagon pills, the so-called “Jihadists’ drugs” after a vessel docked at the port of Piraeus. Greek custom authorities discovered and seized the illegal cargo following a tip off by Turkish authorities.

Greek custom authorities discovered on Monday a large quantity of fenethylline Captagon pills, the so-called “Jihadists’ drug”, transported in a container ship to the port of Piraeus. The drugs are reportedly being used by the Islamic State fighters in order to dull pain, feel euphoria and stay awake for a long period of time.

The vessel had docked in Greece’s biggest port and was on its way from Syria to Dubai. According to authorities, the container ship was planned to make stops in Greece and Croatia before reaching Dubai so as not to raise suspicion over the illegal cargo.

The pills were packed inside lead plates that would need special technical equipment to be opened. Each plate reportedly contained 10,000 pills.

Lead plates make the discovery of drugs through customs scanners difficult to impossible.

So far, Greek authorities have reportedly found more than 5 million pills.

According to Greek news agency, investigation in which also Turkish officers participate, continues and will need several days until it is concluded.

It is not the first time that the Captagon mafia uses the port of Piraeus. In 2016, Greek authorities in cooperation with US Drug enforcement Agency seized 26 million Jihadists’ pills, worth some 13 million euros.

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