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“Crete belongs to Turkey”: Historical unfounded claims and fake maps

Turkey’s propaganda and unfounded claims towards Greece have reached a new level: no need to try a geopolitical analysis or bring historical facts to dismiss such claims. The case of the Turkish nationalist mindset must now be handed over to psychiatrists.

Turkish newspaper Sozcu published an article claiming that only a small part of the island of Crete belongs to Greece, while the rest still belongs to the Ottoman Empire that -note- collapsed in 1920, and therefore to the republic of modern Turkey.

  1. “Nowhere in the Treaty of London it is determined that Crete is granted to Greece,” Sozcu claims adding “Only 1/4 of Crete is given in Greece, while the 14 islands and rocky islets around Crete remained in the Ottoman Empire.”

2. “Nowhere in the Treaty of Athens there is mention of the abandonment of Crete, which is given or bound in Greece. The Treaty of Lausanne, signed on July 24, 1923, states that only 1/4 of Crete belongs to Greece.”

3. “Greece, today, holds the remaining 3/4 of Crete as well as its adjacent islands, islets and rocky islets.

“They will have to deliver them directly to Turkey and remove the military units, military installations and S-300 missiles that have been installed there illegally since 1999,” Sozcu urges the Greeks. and hopes it will find the resonance among the masses of its readers lacking historical knowledge.

Τhe Ottoman occupation of Crete lasted from 1669 until 1896.

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