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Greek Army officer, UK national member of NGO arrested in military area

A Greek army sergeant and a UK national, member of an NGO, have been arrested in a restricted military area in North-Eastern Greece on Sunday. They were arrested by an army patrol and Greek police.

According to Greek state agency amna, the two men were taking photographs in a restricted military area near the fence in Orestiada, near the Evros river, the natural border between Greece and turkey.

Both suspects were wearing civilian clothes and claimed that they were tourists.

The two men are working at a hot spot for refugees, the UK national, 25, is reportedly member of an NGO, while the Greek army officer, 29, was deployed at a hot spot in Imathia Prefecture in Macedonia. The Greek sergeant was not on leave over the weekend and had no reason to be in the Evros area.

The two men were sent before the public prosecutor in the area on Monday, while Greek police continues investigation to find out whether it is a case of espionage. The sergeant has to appear before a military prosecutor as well.

Both men said that they are not spies.

According to private Alpha TV, both men may face felony charges for espionage and violating laws about ‘state secrets.’

Police has confiscated film material shot by mobile phones and a camera. According to local media, police found several pictures showing hidden border passages used by illegal migrants, as well as of military facilities and mine fields.

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