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Petrol bombs thrown at home of SYRIZA MP hours before Prespes vote

Unknown perpetrators threw four petrol bombs at the home of SYRIZA lawmaker Theodora Tzakri in Giannitsa, Central Macedonia, on Wednesday night. The petrol bombs fell on the balcony that caught fire. At the time of the attack, Tzakri’s husband, her underage child and her parents-in-law were at home.

Tzakri described the attack as “attempted murder” and “fascist threat” that has to be dealt with. the lawmaker attributes the attack to those political forces that have divided the country with their malice.”

The attack took place just hours before the crucial voting of the Prespes Agreement in the Greek Parliament, where the government seems to have secured its ratification.

That attack followed another attack at the home of another SYRIZA MP in Katerini, also West Macedonia on Tuesday. After a local protest against the Prespes Agreement on Tuesday, a group of some one hundred people moved to the home of Asterios Kastoris  threw eggs and chanted slogans, the MP told media. At the time of the attack, his parents-in-law were at home.

Mentioning a series of threatening messages to lawmakers intending to vote in favor of Prespes, Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras tweeted “the egg of the snake has hatched and threatens our Democracy.” Tsipras called on New Democracy leader Kyriakos Mitsotakis and all political parties to condemn the attack.

In a statement, SYRIZA called Mitsotakis a “moral perpetrator” and urged him to stop “preaching hate that is feeding criminals.”

New Democracy condemned the attack urging police to catch the attackers.

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  1. This whole Prespes/FYROM/North Macedonia circus certainly looks like a great way to divert the people’s attention from Greece’s real problems.