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“North Macedonia was born today,” says Tsipras after Prespes ratification

“Today is a historic day for Greece,” Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras said in a long statement after the Greek Parliament ratified the Prespes Agreement. ” North Macedonia was born today,” he added among others stressing “the result of today’s vote has no winners and losers.”

“The day was historic for Greece because it ended a major outstanding issue that had burdened the country’s foreign policy,” the prime minister said.

“Today marks a historical day. Greece safeguards an important part of its history, the heritage of Ancient Greek Macedonia.”

“Today, we write a new chapter in the history of the Balkans. Nationalist hatred, disputes and clashes are now replaced by friendship, peace and cooperation.”

“The next generations in both our countries will be grateful to those members of the parliament who, showing braveness and courage, laid the foundations for a peaceful future, solidarity and coexistence between our peoples.”

“North Macedonia was born today. It will be a friend and an ally of Greece in its efforts for security, stability and mutual development in the region.”

Tsipras posted his most important statements on the issue in English on his Twitter account.

In other statements, Tsipras thanked the 153 lawmakers who voted YES and had risen to the occasion, “despite great pressures, blackmail and personal attacks”, that had withstood and put their patriotic duty first, voting according to their conscience “and what they believe is in the national interests of our country.”

To the direction of the Prespes Agreement opponents, he said “I especially want to address those that even today have objections, which we respect, and criticism.. We respect them. They can be certain that very soon they will see great benefits for the country from this historic step forward.”

Tsipras noted that Greece took an important step and “established its leading role in the Balkan region and the Southeastern Mediterranean as a whole.”

Tsipras said that FYROM Prime Minister Zoran Zaev  had telephoned to congratulate him, and so did other leaders.

PS as the PM calls FYROM ‘North Macedonia’ I assumed I’m allowed to write also the new name instead of the old one. It’s official!

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