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Chania: Retired policeman found dragging a dog tied with a rope on his vehicle

A retired policeman was found to have been dragging his dog tied with a rope to his vehicle on a highway in Chania, Crete, on Wednesday. The dog was been dragged over several kilometers and got severe injuries on his paws due to the violent contact with the asphalt.

Although several motorists were honking their horns or making signals with the lights, the driver continued the dog’s torture and at some point he increased speed.

Later, the dog was found in shock and in very bad condition at the side of the national highway. Animal lovers took him and informed the local animal protection society.

He was taken to the veterinarian where he received first aid and treatment for his injuries. He is now in foster care.

As other motorists had noticed the license plate number and the vehicle’s type, it was easy for police to find the driver, after the rescuers filed against him. He appeared at the police station the next day claiming that his intention was not to hurt or torture the dog.

According to local media zarpanews, the man told the “Animal Protection Society of Chania” that he had found the stray a few days earlier and he decided to adopt him. He claimed he was transferring the dog on the trolley of his small truck to his village in Apokoronas. He had tied him with a rope but at some point, the animal allegedly fell from the car. Tha man said that when he discovered the dog was not on the vehicle, he drove back searching for him, however, without result.

According to latest information, the retired policeman turned to the society asking the dog back, however, the animal lovers are reluctant to hand the dog over, they reportedly do not trust the man given the dog’s adventure full of suffering.

One interesting point is though that the police did not detain him within the 48-hour time period based on the law when suspects are caught red handed.

According to the Animal society, before his retirement, the senior was chief of a local police station in the Chania Prefecture.

“Is this the reason the man was not arrested by his former colleagues as the law dictates?,” asks the Animal Protection Society.

The Society is not convinced by the man’s explanation that the animal accidentally fell of the vehicle. “We have heard similar explanations for similar cases in the past,” the Society said in a statement denouncing the local police behavior and showing its mistrust to the retired policeman.

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  1. How people can be so cruel towards animals in Crete? Poor dog.