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ANEL MP was asked to postpone resignation until FYROM accession to NATO vote

For a second time within days, Independent Greeks (ANEL) MP Thanassis Papachristopoulos, postponed his resignation. This time in order to facilitate the actually minority government to pass the NATO accession protocol for FYROM aka Northern Macedonia.

Papachristopoulos went to the Parliament to submit his resignation on Friday morning, as he had promised. The process lasted a bit longer than expected, and the lawmaker came out with the  same status as he entered the office of Parliament Speaker: as a lawmaker.

The MP told reporters that Parliament Speaker Nikos Voutsis asked him to put off his resignation for another “4-5 days, until after the plenary votes on the NATO accession protocol for FYROM.”

The voting for the ΝΑΤΟ accession protocol scheduled  to be voted next week, the latest on Friday, February 8.

Already before the vote for the Prespes Agreement, the MP had announced that he would resign and return his seat to ANEL.

Papachristopoulos accepted Voutsis’ proposal and clarified that he will give up his seat in Parliament immediately after the vote is held.

“The parliament president asked me to put off my resignation by four to five days, because in order for the Prespes Agreement to come into force the NATO protocol must be passed in parliament,” Papachristopoulos told the media.

“I have promised to resign today. It doesn’t matter, my personal affairs are less important than the tension that exists and I believe that in the coming week this matter will end,” Papachristopoulos said.

“Since the Speaker asked this from me, I will postpone my resignation by 4-5 days and I assume responsibility for this inconsistency. These 4-5 days will be my sin.”

PS I must accept it: The ANEL is always good for surprises, its MPs and chairman Kammenos always keep the headlines busy even if for no serious reason and cater for a good laughter.

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