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Who are these two tiny men of leaders posing inside this huge Palace room?

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan is famous for his megalomania and his extravagant Baroque a la Turka style. In his Ak Saray, the White Palace, he welcomed Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras on Tuesday afternoon.

Tsipras and Erdogan slightly smiled when they shook hands…

…but then they obviously decided their smile was much too warm for the tense Greek-Turkish relations.

They posed one more time, with frozen faces and a firm handshake, something like in the sense “we don’t like each other but we are damned to be firmly close to each other.”

While the two leaders posed for the photo-reporters, their wives had tea in another room of the huge palace.

Betty Baziana and Emine Erdogan chatted iwth each other with a help of a translator.

However, the treats Emine offered to Betty with the tea were hardly conform the ornate design and the lavish furniture of the one-thousand-and-one-hundred-fifty-room Palace atmosphere.

The Turkish host may have offered the Greek guest tea with a tiny dropper and a breadcrumb soaked in honey.

Tsipras and Erdogan are expected to hold a joint press conference after their meeting. A dinner will follow.

PS I don’t know who shot this thumbnail picture but I think it is simply genius.

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