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Bad weather causes power problems in Athens, Evia & Peloponnese

Two short power outages in Athens set locals in a state of alert early Wednesday evening. lights in our neighborhood flickered for at least two times in a short period. Citizens report of current fluctuation or of “short but repeated power outages.”

According to some media, the power problem has been reportedly caused due to a high voltage line located in Agios Stefanos, North Athens. others report that the problem was caused in the power system in Evia.

The problem is attributed to bad weather conditions as it has been snowing in the North suburbs of Athens and Attica.

The short outages were, however, powerful enough to switch off lights in Central avenues like Kifissias Ave or force to break a basketball game.

The lights flickered and headlights went off in OAKA Stadium. After 20 minutes the power was restored.

Some citizens have been reportedly trapped in elevators. So far, the Fire Service has received 9 calls to release people from the elevator trap. Seven in downtown Athens, one in Kallithea and one in Zografou suburb.

Next to Athens and Attica, also Evia and Peloponnese have been facing problems with electricity.

The power managing company says  that technical teams try to solve the issue, however, they do not rule out a “broader problem,” private Skai TV reports.

Snowfall on Mt Parnitha, North Athens, Wed morning.

A bad weather front is sweeping across Greece tonight with locally heavy snowfalls, winds blowing with intensity up to 10 Beaufort and thunderstorms.

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