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Bad weather causes power problems in Athens, Evia & Peloponnese

Two short power outages in Athens set locals in a state of alert early Wednesday evening. lights in our neighborhood flickered for at least two times in a short period. Citizens report of current fluctuation or of “short but repeated power outages.” According to some media, the power problem has …

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After Hydra, power outages also on islands of Skopelos and Tinos

From 4 0′ clock in the morning until 10 a.m. on Tuesday, locals and tourists on the island of Skopelos remained without electricity. A heavy rainstorm had reportedly damages the power supply system. Extensive lightning had damaged transmitters and columns with the effect of a total black-out on the island …

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Frenzy: 25K people have applied for 690 vacancies at Greece’s public hospitals

Greeks in frenzy for a job at a public hospital. A total of 690 vacancies have been opened for nurses, paramedical professions and administrative staff and thus for graduates of secondary education or vocational schools IEK. And Greeks are storming the electronic applications system to grab one of the very …

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