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Corfu: Storm “Athena” causes power outages, flooding phenomena

Main roads on the island of Corfu turned into rivers on Thursday, house yards and basements were flooded, power outages occurred, small landslides took place and problems were registered in the provincial network after bad weather front “Athena” hit the island in the northern Ionian Sea.

The Fire Service had to intervene in three cases and help motorists whose vehicles were trapped in the waters.

Stormy winds swept away the life guard tower at the Ypsos beach and smashed it on a parked car. Nobody was injured.

Impressive Kontogialos beach on Thursday morning:

Furthermore the Fire Service intervened in 12 cases to pump water out of basements, to remove other items in 5 cases and to cut and remove trees at least 20 trees that were damaged or even uprooted by the storm, kerkyrasimera reported.

According to local media corfunews, power outages continued in several areas also in the evening and support teams were sent from Patras.

One tree fell on the power supply cables thus causing electricity problems in Pelekas area.

Another tree fell on the roof of the courtyard of the 6th Elementary School of Corfu, causing material damage.

All schools in Corfu and Paxos remained closed on Thursday after the Civil protection had warned of extreme weather phenomena in the area of northern Ionian Sea.

Deputy Regional Governor of the Corfu Regional Unit, Costas Zorbas, told state-run news agency amna, that all primary and secondary schools will operate as usually on Corfu and Paxos tomorrow, Friday.

Stormy front “Athena” caused many problems at the airport of Ioannis Kapodistrias as, due to low visibility, two domestic and two international flights could not land on Thursday morning.

Small damages were caused in small ports of the island, local media reported.

Ferry services operate from the morning only with closed type ships, while the open type ships remain moored in the ports.

Local media corfupress speak of “medium intensity weather phenomena that flooded the same areas as every time…

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