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Greek Parliament adopts Constitutional revisions proposed by Gov’t

With the absolute majority of 151 votes, Article 3 of the Greek Constitution regarding the relations between the Greek Church and the State will be revised by the next Parliament that will emerge from the next elections.

The proposal tabled by SYRIZA would abolish the reference to the dogma of the Holy Trinity in the preamble and the reference to a ‚Äúprevalent religion.”

The second important proposal to decouple the election of the President of the Republic form the dissolution of the Parliament has been adopted as well.

The proposals of SYRIZA Parliamentary Group for the revision of Greek Constitution have all been voted by either an absolute majority of 151 votes or by an increased majority of more than 180 votes on Thursday evening.

According to the roll call of the first voting at the Parliament’s Plenary:

  • An overwhelming majority, far exceeding the 180 deputies, voted in favor to decouple the election of the President of the Republic from the dissolution of the Parliament (Article 32).
  • The same majority voted for the limitation of parliamentary immunity (Article 62), the limitation of preferential arrangements for the liability of ministers (Article 86) and the independent authorities (Article 101A).

The absolute majority of 151 MPs voted in favor of Constitutional revision regarding:

the safeguarding of the political oath (Articles 13, 33 and 59), the safeguarding of social rights and social goods (Article 21), the safeguarding of labor and collective freedoms (Article 22), the ratification of international treaties by a referendum (Article 28), the compulsory parliamentary status of the Prime Minister (Article 37), the introduction of a constructive vote of mistrust (Article 84), the introduction of a legislative initiative ) and referendum (Article 44), the establishment of a proportional electoral system and Members of the Hellenic Abroad (Article 54), the introduction of temporary impediment to electoral status after three parliamentary terms (Article 56) and the establishment of a proportional electoral system and institutions of direct democracy to the local government (Article 102).

From the supplementary proposals submitted or supported by SYRIZA lawmakers, passed:

  • the proposals to ensure the prohibition of discrimination on grounds of sex and sexual orientation (Article 5), the introduction of the principle of fairness and the abusive provision of the right (Article 25) (Article 38), the extension of the guarantees of judicial independence to military judges (Article 96), the definition of the system of regional organization and the islands and mountain regions (Article 101).

The process will continue after one month, when the second ballot will take place in the plenary on the provisions obtained by an absolute majority of all Members in this first vote.

sources: amna, kathimerini

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