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Chania: Body of 61-year-old breeder missing in Cretan floods found

Tragic end for the 24-hour for the operation in Chania: the body of the 61-year-old breeder was found between Georgioupolis and Vryses, 10km away from where the man was swept away.

The Search and Rescue operation in Chania Prefecture concluded with a tragedy short after 12:300 Tuesday noon.

The breeder’s body was found between Georgioupolis and Vryses, some 10 km away from where he went missing on Monday morning.

The father of five was reportedly trying to reach his flock of sheep and crossed the swollen stream of Embrosnero, Apokoronas, with his car.

The vehicle was immediately swept away from the rushing waters.

The car was swept away close to his home, a fellow breeder told media. He had climbed on the vehicle’s trailer, and was swept away within seconds, the eye witness said.

A search and rescue operation was launched, rescue teams found his empty car a few hours later.

They resumed operation on Tuesday morning.

Four people, aged 20-58, lost their lives ten days ago, when the previous barometric low hit the Chania Prefecture. Their car was swept away when they crossed a swollen stream.

Low Okeanis stroke the island with another force and torrential rainfalls the last two days, leaving behind unrepresented damages, mainly in the infrastructure. Most hit by nature are the prefectures of Chania and Rethymno.

Kourtaliotiko Gorge, Rethymno.


Many big and small bridges collapsed in Chania and Rethymno, local media speak of at least 9.

pictures: flashnews, rethymnonews

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