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Brexit: Greek Foreign Ministry launches Q&A website for UK nationals

The Greek Foreign Ministry has launched a website dedicated to the rights of UK citizens in case of a Brexit with or without a deal.

The side Brexit Greece Gets Prepared Q & A addresses several crucial issues, like the need for a visa for short-term and long-term visitors,, residence and work permit, healthcare, criteria to obtain Greek citizenship and others like elections.

Will I need a visa to travel to Greece this summer?

If the Withdrawal Agreement comes into force, the legislation governing the movement of persons will remain the same as at present until 31 December 2020.

If the Withdrawal Agreement does not enter into force, British travelers will not be subject to a visa requirement as of 30 March 2019. EU emergency measures (review of the EU Visa Regulation)  exempt British travelers from short-stay visas, subject to reciprocity on the part of the United Kingdom.

I am insured at NHS and I wish to go on holiday in Greece during the summer of 2019. Will I be able to benefit from health care in an emergency and under what conditions?

If the Withdrawal Agreement enters into force: your health insurance coverage and the conditions under which you are insured do not change. The current European social security coordination rules will continue to apply during the transition period (until 31 December 2020). In this case, if you are a pensioner of a member-state and reside in the territory of another member-state, the member-state that pays your pension takes care of your health expenses. Your health care costs in Greece are therefore covered financially by the United Kingdom. To do this, you must apply for the portable document S1 “Registration to benefit from health insurance cover” (equivalent to the old E 121 form) from the British pension fund that pays your retirement pension. This document will allow you to register with the health insurance fund of your place of residence in France. You continue to receive benefits under the same conditions as at present until December 31, 2020.

If the Withdrawal Agreement does not enter into force: a draft bill will soon be presented to parliament on British citizens’ rights in Greece which contains various measures related to the UK withdrawal in case of no deal and may cover this issue. Please visit our website, as well as the relevant websites of the competent Ministries of Citizen’s Protection, Migration, Health, Labour, Education, for more information soon.

For any other questions not covered, the website urge people to submit their request.

“Whether it is for a short visit or for a desire to live in Greece for longer periods of time, Brexit will have consequences on the rights of British nationals and the formalities they will need to follow to stay in Greece permanently,” it is noted.

The Foreign Ministry website is here.

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