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Court of Justice orders Commission & Juncker to return to Greece €72million

The European Court of Justice has ruled that the European Commission has to pay to Greece the amount of more than 72 million euros. The amount refers to EU Agricultural Funds that the Commission has illegally withheld.

Greece is to get back 72,105,592.41 euros in funds that the European Commission withheld from its financing under the European Agricultural Guidance and Guarantee Fund (EAGGF) as a ‘financial correction’ in 2000-2006.

According to an announcement on Friday by the Greek Rural Development and Foods Ministry, the decision published by the court on February 27 means that the 72 million can be disbursed via the EAGGF to cover the needs of actions taken under the 2014-2020 Rural Development Programme.

The case concerns a Greek appeal against a “financial correction” that the European Commission decided to impose in 2013, almost a decade after the EAGGF operational period had ended.

I mean to vaguely remember that Juncker and the Commission withheld also some funds in 2015, during  the tough negotiations before the Greek government capitulated and signed the 3. bailout in 2015. I could be wrong though.

PS I suppose the EU Commission and Jean-Claude Juncker were trying to ‘seize’ funds aiming to Greece, out of fear, the country would not be able to pay back the lenders’ loans. How cute of the Commission and its President.

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  1. The EU is a sinister and undemocratic financial monster with no conscience. Who else would force loans to a bankrupt country while destroying the ability to repay, let alone closing banks to try and influence democracy in a nation where it was born. Such an ugly and mean spirit against such beautiful people, a kindred nation of gallant heroes throughout history. What has this world become as even Britain might attest?