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Grazing Bull runs wild and kills farmer, shot dead by police

An odd story: Out of the blue a grazing bull run wild and allegedly killed a farmer in a village of Ancient Corinth, North-East Peloponnese. The 72-year-old died immediately after the bull attacked him, “nailing his horns into his belly” local media report. The victim was returning home after visiting his olive grove in the area.

It was reportedly a police patrol that found the dead man on the asphalt next to the groves where the bull and some cows were grazing.

Thinking that the man was victim of a crime, the two policemen started to cordon the site and started to look for forensic evidence.

While police was examining the area, the bull approached them and attacked one of the policeman as well as the police car.

The second police officer pulled out his pistol the shot at the bull who was killed immediately.

A few hours later, forensic examination of the victim’s body showed that he was not victim of  a human crime but rather of an animal attack.

Citing the victim’s wife, the mayor of the area told Korinthostv though, that the “bull pushed the farmer who then fell on branches he had cut from the olive trees.”

Some of the locals and also media speak of a cow and some of a bull.

The story is getting more interesting with a touch of argument over ownership rights among the small community. Locals say that these “wild animals straying around” had to be removed from the area long ago as they are grazing on an archaeological site [sic!].

One of the herd owners has been arrested, police seeks also his brother and both face charges for homicide by negligence.

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