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PM Tsipras pledges for more efforts against brain drain

Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras pledged more efforts to reverse the brain drain, as a new survey showed that 60 percent of Greeks living and working abroad wish to return home.

During a visit at the National Centre for Scientific Research “Demokritos” in Athens, Tsipras discussed with scientists the topic “From brain drain to brain gain”, according to an e-mailed press release from his office.

In the past four years the government increased funds directed to research and efforts to give opportunities to young scientists to return and offer their services to the country, contributing to the economic recovery after the acute debt crisis which hit Greece in 2009, he said.

Six in 10 Greeks who live and work abroad wish to return to Greece, according to a survey of the National Documentation Centre that collects and preserves scientific and cultural content and data in digital form.

The 60 percent wish to return home citing the good quality of life in Greece, and 42 percent cited the wish to be close to their families as the main reason, according to the survey published by Greek national news agency AMNA.

The key prerequisite for 44 percent of expats to return to Greece is a good income, while 36 percent said that they would make the step if they could find jobs in their specialization.

During the debt crisis, Greece has seen an exodus of its young talents.

According to data from the central Bank of Greece, some 427,000 Greeks have left the country in the past decade. Half of them were highly educated and qualified youth.

In the peak of the crisis in 2013, Greeks aged under 25 faced unemployment rates of 60 percent.

The figure dropped to 39.5 percent in December 2018, according to the latest data from Greece’s statistics authority, but more needs to be done, the Greek leader acknowledged

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One comment

  1. just scrounging up a few bucks for some more freebies dished out by politicians, and calling it ‘supporting science’ is not going to cut it for anything but the most incompetent lazy hacks.
    These people who have been leaving the past few years, very few of them will ever come back. Even those who do will
    tough it out for a year or two and then give up in frustration, facing a wall of corruption, apathy, surreal irrationality, and a mentality suffused through the public sector that the whole world owes them something and it’s the citizen’s obligation to pay and obey anything they dream up, all the while berating those citizens that theyre latent criminals , proven by their audacity to try to continue existing.
    Ive known a lot of greeks who either left or grew up abroad, who went back out of love for the patrida… and after a year or two of struggling to stomach the system, gave up in disgust and left. Those people are working hard, contributing to their communities, paying a ton of taxes… in the US, in switzerland, in europe, in australia, even in japan and singapore … and , despite the pain in their hearts… not in greece.
    who would blame them?