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Supermoon triggers extreme low tide in Nafplio (pictures)

The super full moon last week literally ‘swallowed’ the sea at the shores of the town of Nafplio in north-east Peloponnese. The low tide was so strong that locals and visitors saw the sea disappearing in front of their feet.

Tides are caused by the gravity of both the moon and the sun “pulling” at the water in the sea. Because the Earth is constantly turning, the “pull” of gravity affects different places as each day goes on – so when the tide is “out” in your area, it is “in” somewhere else.

The water level at high tide changes too.

The phenomenon repeats twice a day.

The phenomenon is particularly striking in Nafplio due to the size of the area it extends as well as due to its duration that has to do with the low depth of the sea, notes local media argolikes eidiseis that published also these amazing pictures.

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