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Earthquake 5.3R strikes Galaxidi, shakes half Greece

An earthquake measuring 5.3R occurred at 12:48 Saturday noon with its epicenter in Galaxidi at the Gulf of Corinth. Although of moderate power, the earthquake was felt almost in half Greece as well as in Athens, 130 km East from the epicenter.

The epicenter was 8 km West-South-West from the town of Galaxidi, its depth at 10 km.

So far, there have been no reports about damages or injuries. According to the local Fire Service, that are some cracks on walls in the area close to epicenter.

“The earthquake was very strong, we literally ‘danced’ in the air,” the chairman of the local community told media. he pointed out that there was another earthquake at 2 o’ clock on Saturday morning.

The earthquake had a duration of 3 to 4 seconds but it was felt as if it was longer especially in Athens, 130 km away. “This is due to the construction with high buildings in urban areas,” seismologists told media.

What was interesting was that I was on the phone with a friend living in Patisia, Athens, 15 km away from my home in the north. She said “Earthquake!” Half a second later, my PC screen started to shake, even thought very slightly and for less than one second.

The earthquake was felt largely, in the South Ionian Sea, the Peloponnese and Central Greece.

“We don’t have enough data to say whether this was the main earthquake or not,” said Efthimios Lekkas, President of the Greek Earthquake Agency. He stressed that the area is very “sensitive” in need of continuous monitoring.

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