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Thessaloniki residents recycle their plastic waste, turn it into street furniture

Residents of Thessaloniki, North Greece, have started recycling their plastic waste transforming it into 3D printed street furniture with the help of new technologies. They use a new laboratory set up studio The New Raw and project Print Your City that makes furniture for the city from plastic waste.

The Zero Waste Lab is the latest enterprise of The New Raw’s plastic recycling initiative, Print Your City, established in collaboration with drinks brand Coca Cola.

Print Your City offers local residents a recycling facility for their plastic waste as well as the ability to choose what the waste is turned into, with a robotic 3D-printing arm that can transform the sorted plastic into street furniture.

Users can customize the furniture via a website, choosing between different colors and functionalities and also selecting which public space in the city they would like to see it in.

The furniture is made primarily from PP and PE plastics.

Options for each object include a planter, a bike rack, a feeding bowl for dogs and a bookcase, among other functions.

Once the design is chosen, the website tells the user how much recycled plastic would be needed to make the object. For instance, a large triangle-shaped bench with a library and an urban garden would require 90 kilograms of recycled plastic to build.

“Plastic has a design failure. It is designed to last forever, but often we use it once and then throw it away,” said The New Raw founders Panos Sakkas and Fonteini Setaki told

“With Print Your City, we endeavour to show a better way of using plastic in long lasting and high value applications.”

Print Your City launches Zero Waste Lab by The New Raw in Greece
Hanth Park in Thessaloniki is now filled with Print Your City furniture

The furniture is made primarily from PP and PE plastics commonly used in food packaging, which is sourced directly from the plastic waste donated to the lab.

The waste is sorted, washed and shredded before being melted and combined with pigments to create a printable material. The furniture can also be made from PET and PS plastics.

Print Your City launches Zero Waste Lab by The New Raw in Greece
Over 2,900 citizens of Thessaloniki voted on the location of the furniture

Print Your City aims to engage residents of cities around the world more directly with the recycling process by both turning the waste into objects that can be used by the public and giving them some control over what those objects are and where they might be placed.

Hanth Park in central Thessaloniki became the first public space to be redesigned with Print Your City furniture in January.

The project saw more than 800 kilos of plastic waste recycled.

“More than 2,900 citizens of Thessaloniki voted where and how they wanted to see the new furniture of the city,” the designers told Dezeen.

“For the production of the furniture, we recycled more than 800 kilos of plastic waste.”

The designers hope to recycle four tons of plastic waste during the project, which they say is equivalent to the amount produced by 14 family households in Greece.

“Thessaloniki is a city with high rates in separating and recycling on a household level in Greece,” the designers explained. “At the same time, the size of the city makes measurable the environmental footprint of Print Your City.”

“The municipality of Thessaloniki actively supports the programme, enabling us to test this idea for the first time in a city scale and in public space,” the designers said.

Panos Sakkas and Fonteini Setaki founded The New Raw in 2015, after they studied in The Netherlands. They debuted their first furniture prototype from the Print Your City concept in Amsterdam last year with the XXX Bench, made from recycled plastic bags.

They decided to develop the project further as part of the Zero Waste Future programme currently being funded by Coca Cola across Greece and began working in Thessaloniki in November last year, with the project set to run until May 2019.

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