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Greeks living abroad: Committee submits proposals for voting eligibility

Greeks living abroad are a step closer to vote in parliamentary elections after a committee of experts of the Interior and the Foreign ministries submitted their final proposals to Interior Minister Alexis Charitsis.

Citing sources, state news agency amna reports that eligible to vote are all individuals with a Greek passport who are also registered to vote, regardless of the length of their absence from Greece.

It also proposes that they vote in person at consulates or special electoral centers to be set up.

The committee also proposed that Greeks abroad vote for parties’ state deputies only.

The Interior minister is expected to invite party representatives to brief them on the report, prior to drafting a bill for Parliament.

“It’s the first time the Greek state deals in a coordinated and methodical way with this convoluted political and technical issue,” Charitsis said, thanking the committee members.

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One comment

  1. Xenos sthn Athina

    This is a very foolish move by Syriza. In every country of the world that has implemented expatriate voting, the pattern is the same: disproportionately strong support for very right wing nationalist parties. The almost certain outcome will be larger shares of the vote for ND and Chryssi Avgi.

    The reason for this comment pattern of far right support by diaspora is that they tend to have more ideologically nationalist views of their home country than those living in it. This is especially true after very long absence, which also has an age factor involved.

    As usual, this policy proposal shows the complete absence of research and expert advice in Greek policy making. As in the UK with the Brexit catastrophe, politicians think that they are so clever and know everything — when the precise opposite is the case. Delusional politics, predicated on ideology and village gossip.