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“More relief measures if Greece’s economy produces fiscal space,” says gov’t

“If we are certain that the Greek economy produces fiscal space and we have the opportunity to take further relief measures to restore the injustices, of course we will do it,” government spokesman Dimitris Tzanakopoulos said on Sunday.

Tzanakopoulos was speaking to radio 9.84FM, when he was asked whether the government was going to announce more relief measures until October,when the parliamentary elections are scheduled to take place when the government of Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras’ concludes its -4-year term.

Last week, Tsipras announced a series of measures like Value Added Tax reduction in certain food categories, in electricity and natural gas as well as a 13th pension. The measures are permanent and to be implemented as soon as possible, certainly before the European elections on May 26.

A few days after the announcement, media reported that more relief measures were under way, however, without elaborating.

Asked on the imminent euroelections and the appeal of the Progressive Alliance, Tzanakopoulos said that SYRIZA’s meeting with the country’s progressive forces is reflected and at political level, especially after the Prespes Agreement.

Even those that questioned SYRIZA’s ability to play the role of the major party of the left and of the democratic struggles have now changed their mind and recognized that SYRIZA has a central role in this political representation.

On domestic politics, Tzanakopoulos said that “ “New Democracy has chosen the polarisation and the tension because it has no other way to confront the government.”

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