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ND leads with 6.5%-7% against SYRIZA ahead of EU elections

Greece’s main opposition party, conservative New Democracy keeps the leading trend according to the latest public opinion polls with a margin of 6.5%-7% just two days before the European elections on Sunday.

According to a survey conducted by MARC for private ANT1 TV, the gap between ND and SYRIZA is at 7%.

ND 29.4%

SYRIZA 22.4%

The two parties are followed by KINAL/PASOK with 6.6%, far-right Golden Dawn with 5.5% and communist KKE with 4.8%. Nationalists of newly established “Greek Solution receive 2.1%, while all other parties incl ANEL, Potami and Centrists’ Union receive below 2% and they most likely won’t be in position to elect MEPs.

The number of undecided is at 12.2%.

In a second poll also published on Friday evening ND leads with 7% towards SYRIZA.

According to MRB poll conducted for private STAR TV, Nd is ahead with 29%, while SYRIZA receives 22.5%.

ND 29%

SYRIZA 22.5%

KINAL/PASOK 6.8% followed by Golden Dawn and KEE with both at 6%.

The rate of undecided is at 10%.

Exit polls are expected at 7 o’ clock Sunday evening, while first results are to be announced around :00-9:30 in the evening.

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