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Family tragedy: Air Force officer kills own child while starting her car

An unspeakable family tragedy: a member of the Greek Air Force killed her own child, a 20-month-old boy, when she drove her car backward.

The tragedy occurred on Tuesday morning at the residence premises of the 110 Wing Battalion in Larissa.

The mother stepped in the driver’s seat and started the engine. She moved the car backwards before driving away. She did not see that her own child was behind the vehicle that hit the baby boy.

For reasons under investigation, the toddler was behind the car.

After the initial shock, the 31-year-old mother carried the unconscious child to her car and transferred it to the military hospital. From there the boy was taken to the University hospital in Larissa. However, despite doctors’ efforts to revive the child were in vain. It had succumbed to its fatal injuries.

The baby boy was the youngest of the family’s five children.

According to Star TV, three of the children were sitting on the back seats of the car due to kindergarten. One of the children opened the door and the baby boy fell on the ground.

According to a statement issued by the Air Force General Staff,  both the Commander of the 110 Wing Battalion as well as the local traffic police investigate the reasons for the tragic accident.

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