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When calves seek shade at the beach you know it’s Heat Wave in Greece

Heat wave in Greece: It is currently so boiling hot in Greece that even calves seek the beach and shade under the sun umbrella. A swimmer was surprised to see a calf to have made it comfortable on his beach towels, enjoying the shade under his sun umbrella at Katohi beach by Missolonghi in West Greece.

Cow in the back waiting for a bigger sun umbrella? picture via

It is not clear whether the calf was attracted by the nice colors arrangement on the sand, but fact is that temperatures in Greece have skyrocketed, now that the summer north winds have weakened and the next heat wave is underway.

Highest temperature recorded

on Friday, July 5

Petrokefalo, Moires, Crete: 39.3° C at 4:30 pm

Kallithea, Athens: 37.5° C at 4:30 pm

on Saturday, July 6

Sindos, Thessaloniki: 38.3 ° C

Plora, Herakleio, Crete: 37.5° C

What if temperature reached 39 C on Friday? Some regions were hit by summer storms and 4,500 thunderbolts on a single day.

Early Saturday evening rainfalls were expected locally in North-West Peloponnese and more on Sunday, July 7.

Weather Heat Wave  Forecast July 7-9, 2019

Sunday, July 7

Despite the rainfalls and storms, temperatures will strike 39° C in the mainland, 35° C on the islands of the Eastern Aegean Sea and 33° C on the rest of the Greek islands.

Locally rainfalls and sporadic thunderstorms in Peloponnese, Central Sterea and Thessaly.

Attica: Cloudy during the hot hours of the day, temperature 23° C – 37° C.

Monday, July 8

Further temperature rising with up to 41° C and even 43° C in Central Greece, according to the National Meteorological Service.

Meteorologists forecast that temperature in Athens will reach 39° C in the shade.

Tuesday, July 9

Another heel of a day with regards to temperature with 41-43 ° C.

Then light temperature drop of just a few degrees .. until the next heat wave.

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