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Evia forest fire: Serious indications of arsonists’ work

The Greek Fire Service has serious indications that the devastating forest fire on Evia beginning of the week may was the work of arsonists. Investigators of the Fire Department’s Crimes Division have reportedly received dozens of testimonies by locals.

At the same time, they have investigated a suspect who has an alibi though.

Investigators examine various findings like oakum and other things found in the area where the Evia forest fire started.

According to state news agency amna, officials point out that there is no official evidence to confirm the arson, so far.

The version of arson is a suggestion based on the time the fire started at 3:15 a.m., the signs and the conditions that prevailed, but until there is something specific, everything is open.

Other media report that investigators have evidence of the presence of a vehicle and a motorcycle in the land road in the area before the fire broke out. They reportedly try to identify the owners.

The Evia forest fire broke out at three different spots within small time intervals, approximately 1,500 meter form the village Makrymalli

Residents and authorities are certain that the fire was set on purpose.

The fire conditions are better on Friday, the fourth day after the fore broke out.

Firefighters and fire extinguishing aircraft continue to operate in the area. 390 firefighters with 101 trucks as well as dozens members of hiking teams of the Fire Service and the Army are at work day and night.

Video: The fire seen from a firefighting Canadair aircraft

According to the Fire Service, there is currently no active front but 6 firefighting aircraft and 3  helicopters along with a strong force of firefighters are on the spot to prevent reviving of the fire or new fire fronts.

Spain and Italy sent aircraft to help Greece, following a request by the Civil Protection.

According to first estimations, the blaze has burned 24,00 acres of land with 10,000 of them to be in the natural reserve “Narrow Forest” that is under protection of NATURA 2000.

The residents of the four villages that were evacuated, have returned to their homes.

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