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Erdogan threatens to flood Greece and EU with refugees and migrants

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan fired new threats against Greece and the European Union threatening to open the borders and flood Europe with migrants. At the same time, he threatened to purchase a third vessel for drilling in the area of the East Mediterranean Sea.

“turkey could be forced to open the doors for refugees and migrants to Europe if Ankara does not receive enough international support in managing the Syrian refugees,” Erdogan told members of his AKP party.

He added that Turkey is determined to create a “security zone” in northeastern Syria in partnership with the United States in late September, but it is ready to act alone if necessary.

Regarding the illegal drilling in the Cyprus Exclusive Economic Zone, Erdogan said that “in the eastern Mediterranean today, if we have any saying this is due to the purchase of seismic research and drilling vessels. In the past we rented them. A third drilling vessel may also come. In the eastern Mediterranean we do not see who says what. We look at what we say! Right now our ships are in the area. All of our frigates, our corvettes and our aircraft are on standby.”

Erdogan added “No one can deprive us of our rights. This is where the “Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus” has rights, and we as a guarantor country have the right to speak out. “

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