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Archbishop of Crete, Irinaios, “blesses” a medical cannabis shop

The Archbishop of Crete, Irinaios, broke a taboo. He blessed the opening of a medical cannabis shop on the island of Crete. Even if medical cannabis has nothing do with the drug the Greek orthodox Church normally does not even want to hear the word.

Archbishop Irinaios has reached the age of 86 and apparently also another level of knowledge and wisdom about this world.

It should also be stressed that the Church of Crete is semi-autonomous (self-governing) under the jurisdiction of the Ecumenical Patriarchate of Constantinople.

The Archbishop reportedly responded positive to the request by the shop owner to bless his cannabis shop.

Pictures via lubentv

Holding the traditional branch of fresh basil, dipped a bowl of holy water, the Archbishop walked through the store and “blessed” the cannabis products.

The shop inauguration was attended by many people who were surprised to “the rare appearance” of a priest in a cannabis shop, note local media. The store belongs to a well-known chain with several cannabis shops in Greece.

Irinaios has been Archbishop of Crete since August 2006.

However, it seems that the bold step by a priest in a cannabis shop was not the first in Greece.

According to, a priest in Larisa blessed a Hemp Oil shop in August 2018.

It is a must-be custom in Greece to invite a priest to bless a business or a shop right at the opening. It is believed that the holy blessing brings good luck.

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