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Helliniko Casino proposal inspired by the Acropolis & Caryatids – POLL

One of the two bidding companies for the Casino at Helliniko project, the Mohegan Gaming and Entertainment in collaboration with GEK TERNA, presented INSPIRE Athens on Tuesday.

INSPIRE Athens is the idea for the first integrated touristic casino complex (Integrated Resort and Casino – IRC ) in Greece.

The building complex is inspired by the Acropolis and the Caryatids.

The complex consists of a luxurious hotel, entertainment venues, conference center, shops, restaurants, casinos, as well as a complete combination of high quality services. The project, the Mohegan said, will help launch a new era of tourism development and economic prosperity for Greece and the entire region.

Inspired by the Acropolis and the Caryatids

The building’s flagship design is a creation of Steelman Partners, an international architectural firm specializing in the design and construction of IRC complexes.

The inspiration for the architectural design comes from Greece’s architectural past, and in particular from Athenian statues and buildings, including the Acropolis and the Caryatids.

“We realized that the purpose of INSPIRE Athens is to symbolize more than just an integrated hotel complex,” said Marios Kontomercos, President and CEO of Mohegan Gaming and Entertainment.

“We hope that INSPIRE Athens will become the catalyst that will fuel the development of the entire Greek region in the sought after Athenian Riviera, and redefine Greece’s modern identity forever.”

With state-of-the-art facilities that will make Athens a leading MICE (Meetings, Incentives, Conferences, Exhibitions) destination, a multi-purpose, indoor event and impressive pools and waterfronts, INSPIRE Athens will combine luxury hospitality and endless entertainment in a way that no other has never been to Southern Europe before.

Much of the complex was designed to take advantage of Greece’s preference for outdoor activities, so almost all restaurants, bars and nightclubs will offer both indoor and outdoor experiences. Dining areas and shops will include internationally recognized brands as well as popular Greek products that emphasize traditional Greek customs.

The goal of INSPIRE Athens is to make a point of reference in Southern Europe by organizing music concerts with artists from international venues, theaters, major sporting events, as well as other high quality artistic and cultural activities on a weekly basis.

Mohegan Gaming and Entertainment Chairman and CEO Marios Kontomercos, presenting the IRC plan, said: “We hope we have the opportunity to make our vision a reality and that with this hospitality destination – a landmark we will raise Athens as the ultimate tourist destination. ”

The development of INSPIRE Athens is estimated to create more than 7,000 jobs in the area during and after construction, including direct and indirect jobs.

Completion of the IRC is expected to increase international tourism in the Attica region by at least 10% and contribute millions of euros annually to both the Greek state and its citizens in the form of taxes, levies and improvements to infrastructure and services.

PS Caryatids in Athens Riviera? What Caryatids? The design is quite kitsch and has little to nothing to do with the Greek ancient culture. It looks like a mix of Egypt arts and Hollywood science fiction.

For some weird reason, the one side …

reminds me of the Great Sphinx of Giza, while the other side

looks as if Tom Cruise’s monsters from War Of Worlds got together into forming two huge tailors’ mannequins

What all these have to do with the Caryatids?

And Why should it be the Caryatids?

On second thought: we have avoided a skyscraper inspired only by the Parthenon to dominate the sea shore of once beautiful Athens Riviera.

What do you think?

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Before judging hard, let’s wait and see the proposal by the second bidder, the Hard Rock, though.

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  1. What Athens needs is not to become a new Dubai

  2. projet monstrueux, mégalo, effectivement genre dubaï, et la référence à la statuaire antique est juste la marque d’une inculture crasse, offensante et stupide.