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Architect of Prespes Agreement, Nikos Kotzias, slams EU for North Macedonia

The architect of the Prespes Agreement, former Foreign Minister Nikos Kotzias, has slammed the “irresponsible” European Union leaders for failing to give the Balkan state a date to start accession talks.

“I admit I believed I had thought of all possible scenarios regarding the Prespes agreement,” Kotzias tweeted on Saturday over the name deal that unblocked North Macedonia’s path toward EU and NATO accession.

“But I did not take into adequate consideration the shortsighted, irresponsible, visionless and unstrategic policy of EU ‘leaders’ who have not realized what Europe is running into over Brexit, Syria, Bosnia, Kosovo and the East Mediterranean,” Kotzias wrote.

Following the EU snub, North Macedonia Prime Minister Zoran Zaev called for early election.

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  1. Kotzias is an unsophisticated moron, full of himself. The EU is currently in political crisis over several major issues: the continuing eurozone crisis and the long-term economic impact of their stupid policies which are now damaging Germany (at last!); the far right governments of Eastern Europe flouting the rule of law w.r.t. the justice system and refugee policies; the lack of any political consensus on managing mass migration flows, relying on Turkey and Libya (North Korea was unavailable) to control mixed migration flows to the EU; the ongoing dispute with Turkey over drilling rights for Aegean and Mediterranean oil deposits’ the malakies with Brexit… Oh, and Trump trying to destroy world trade (meaning global recession) as well as promoting war crimes, military conflict and political chaos in the Middle East.

    The stupidest thing that the EU could do in this mess is bring in more countries as full members of the EU, especially difficult Balkan countries. Thankfully, the EU bureaucrats and political leadership are not as stupid as some politicians in certain countries that will remain nameless.