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Taxpayers in small villages, islands to benefit from tax reforms

The Greek Finance Ministry has reportedly corrected the provisions for the collection of 30% of annual income via electronic receipts following strong reactions. In order to achieve tax returns, taxpayers should spent 30% of their income in e-transactions, otherwise they are threatened with a penalty of 22%.

In the new taxation bill to be published for public consultation on Thursday, several exceptions form the measure have been introduced.

Not obliged to collect e-receipts amounting 30% of their income are following categories of taxpayers:

  • taxpayers over 70 years old
  • people with disability rate over 80%
  • residents of small villages with a population of up to 500
  • residents of islands with a population of up to 3,100
  • soldiers

Those obligated to collect e-receipts will be fined with 22% of the necessary amount that is missing form the tax return declaration.

According to media reports on Thursday, the above mentioned four categories of taxpayers may be exempted altogether form the collection of even paper receipts.

We will know, when the draft tax bill comes to the Parliament for voting.

Taxation will be based on real and not the so-called “deemed income,” media report.

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