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President’s election, ministers’ responsibility top issues of Constitution revision

Debate for the revision of the Greek Constitution started in the plenary of the Parliament on Monday morning and it scheduled to last for five days.  It is the fourth attempt to change the Greek Constitution that was formulated in 1975 when its postwar reform was adopted.

The proposals will be submitted to the relevant Constitutional Review Committee.

Three major issues are on the table of the Plenary: election of the President of the Hellenic Republic, the ministers’ responsibility and the vote of Greeks living abroad.

1) Election of the President to be decoupled from the early dissolution of the Parliament and early elections in case a majority of 180 votes is not achieved, as currently valid. All political parties agree to change the provision, however, they do not agree on the details and alternatives.

2) Review of Article 86 about “ministers’ responsibility in which the timely restricted statute limitation should be extended and thus on the same level as for all citizens. There is a broad consensus on this issue too, however, SYRIZA requests “an interpretive statement that it will have a retroactive validity. Ruling party New Democracy rejects the proposal.

3) Vote for Greeks living abroad. All parties agree on the voting right of Greeks living abroad and have agreed on restrictions to be imposed at the meetings of the relevant Parliament Committee. However, these restrictions need to be anchored in the Constitution especially the part of being taxed in Greece in order to be granted eligibility.

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