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Greek Gov’t to give incentives for investment in digital technology

The Greek government plans to offer incentives for investments in digital technology as it seeks a faster transition to a digital era, Development and Investments Minister Adonis Georgiadis said on Monday, addressing a “Digital Economy Forum 2019, Leading Greece to Growth” forum.

“Greece has significant advantages and most of all the incredible talent of human resources that can spearhead a move towards a more creative Greece,” Georgiadis said.

He presented in detail the steps and moves towards this direction, such as the Thessin tech innovation park, Pfizer’s investment in Thessaloniki, the 1st digital technology fair and the first innovation center in Athens.

He underlined the official delegation of US companies in Athens in February 2020 to establish high-technology cooperation with the US.

He noted plans needed to be reconsidered in education as a lack of computer engineers is noted in a digital era. “We must break with the past,” he said.

PS this gov’t has been pouring incentives to foreign investors but it should slowly start giving incentives also to local middle classes that helped this country on its feet during the crisis years. Yalla!

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