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State Dept: No official US initiative to ease tension between Greece & Turkey

The US State Department clarified over the weekend that there is “no official US initiative to ease tension between Greece and Turkey” as Greek media had reported. Greek Foreign Minister, Nikos Dendias, confirmed stating that there is “continued contact” instead in an interview with Skai TV on Sunday.

The United States is constantly engaged with the governments of Greece and Turkey to encourage de-escalation through diplomatic channels, a State Department spokesman said in his statement, news agency amna reports.

The spokesman stressed that Washington continues to urge its allies in NATO, Greece and Turkey to work together to maintain peace and stability in the region.

We encourage states to settle their disputes peacefully under international law and call on all parties to refrain from any actions that jeopardize tension in the eastern Mediterranean, he said.

Regarding the issue of US mediation between Greece and Turkey, the State Department spokesman reiterated Secretary of State Mike Pompeo’s statement to SKAI TV during his visit to Athens at the end of 2019.

“Our diplomats are out every day trying to create conditions where countries can talk and engage in dialogue and resolve their disputes in a peaceful way … A successful Turkey, a growing, prosperous, economically thriving Turkey is important for not only Greece but for all of us and we work diligently to try and deliver that set of outcomes,” the US diplomat said.

Last week, some Greek media had reported that Pompeo had launched an initiative to ease tension between Greece and Turkey and that for this purpose he would assign a high-ranking official to travel to Ankara and Athens in February and March respectively.

US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo has confirmed plans for a “diplomatic initiative” to help de-escalate tension resulting from recent Turkish moves challenging Greece’s sovereign rights off the coast of the island of Crete, kathimerini reported. last week.

“Other sources suggested that Washington will coordinate with Athens to clearly communicate its message to Ankara in an effort to avoid a new source of tensions in the Eastern Mediterranean, and more visits of US diplomats are expected in the next few months in both countries to help keep their communication channels open and support diplomacy, as part of a broader US strategy to encourage dialogue between the NATO partners,” the Greek daily added.

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  1. You can be sure that the USA will do nothing at all to help Greece. The Yanks never have done anything, and never will. Their only interest is in themselves; and these days, their only interest seems to be promoting Trump’s businesses and causing trouble in the Middle East (largely at the behest of their “friends” in Saudi Arabia and Israel). Greeks should just forget about being helped by any foreign power, although there is a small possibility of the EU providing limited assistance for its own protection.