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Greek airline cancels free meals and wine on flights up to 5 hours

Greek airline Ellinair is changing its meals policy and cancels the provision of food and wine during flights with a duration of up to five hours. According to an announcement by Ellinair the new policy that will cancel free food and wine service to passengers will go into effect as of 1. February 2020.

The list of free options will still include water, tea and coffee.

“Soon, a service will be provided allowing to order food on board for an additional fee.
During the flight, there will also be an opportunity to purchase snacks and sandwiches,” the Ellinair statement added.

In essence, the new policy covers virtually all of the company’s flights, with the exception of some distant destinations in Russia where Ellinair and the Mouzenides Group are focused, news website reports.

Several other airlines have applied the same policy both to compress their costs to make them more competitive against low costs but also for better management and economy.

Fewer meals on a flight mean less food that will end up in the trash if the passenger picks it up and does not consume it, but also less weight and therefore less fuel consumption.

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  1. The price of the airline ticket included the food, There never was free food. The airline should now reduce the price of tickets to be fair.