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Far-rights beat DW reporter Jacobi during anti-migrants rally in Athens

Far-rightists have beaten a correspondent of German broadcaster Deutsche Welle who was covering a rally against refugees and migrants. Thomas Jacobi is one of the two scriptwriters of the documentary ” Golden Dawn – A Personal matter.”

According to media reports, the far-rights asked Jacobi to identify himself, show them his ID card and hand out his camera.
Upon his refusal to comply with the illegal requests, the group started to beat him on the face and the legs.
His colleagues tried to help him and rescue him form his attackers, however, without success.
It should be noted that police forces were near by due to the anti-migrants rally.
Police has not detained anyone, so far.
Jacobi has been beaten by people of the far-right scene  of Athens also last year, when he was covering the rally against north Macedonia.

The anti-migrant rally attracted just a few hundred people, with slogans like “illegals”, “colonization”, “islamization” and “invasion.”

Present were also members of extreme right Golden Dawn who threw leaflets with “Greece belongs to Greeks.”

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  1. The Greek police are a disgrace to the proud country of Greece. Instead of dealing rapidly with criminal attacks by neo-Nazis, they spend their time raiding private Greek homes without search warrants, closing down “illegal” squats housing refugee children and their families, and harassing Greek teenagers in cinemas for the civil offence of viewing films requiring a slightly older age of child. In other words, the police are interfering in a wide range of civil — not criminal — matters which are none of their business, and failing to deal with real crime.

    The responsibility for this lies with the ND government and specifically with PM Mitsotakis. His government is failing miserably.

  2. Unfortunately, civil violence reflects the poor economic situation in the country. The population, generally young generations, think that by intimidating the new emigrants, the situation is going to improve, but on the contrary, we only return to a primitive economy. Our family canceled their vacation trip to Greece for this summer.

    • No, Herr Keeler: this is not the case. The level of civil violence is Greece is so low as to make it one of the safest countries in the EU — and far safer than the USA or UK. Even the capital city, Athens, is without doubt the safest capital in Europe and possibly in the world. Of course, there has always been Yankee propaganda about terrorism and such-like in Greece, when the really dangerous country to live in or visit is the USA.

      No, my complaint is about the lack of control of the Greek police. Even so, they are still better than the United States police who are a disaster and utter disgrace. As for tourists, the Greek people treat them with great respect — even when the tourists do not deserve it. You were wrong to cancel your vacation in Greece for this summer, and I say this as a foreign resident of Greece who does not particularly like all of the tourists who come here en masse! Nevertheless, I have to be honest: Greece is a wonderful place because of the quality of its people — not the quality of the police, or politicians, or bureaucrats, or universities or schools. Just the ordinary people, who are probably the most civilised people I have found in my travels (even though I argue with them continuously!).

    • The Greek police force needs to be paid better wages and support for their work.
      However an increase in technical training to ease increase in crime rates. The hangover of the years under the Greek Junta still remain a factor amongst the Greek population, foreigners, tourists who lived through
      those years.
      More police working alongside social groups amongst the average greek population would create a more acceptable atmosphere and encourage a more modern multi ethnic training of all nationalities with increase in language expertise.