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Earthquake 5.2R rattles Karpathos and South Dodecanese

An earthquake measuring 5.2 on Richter scaled rattled the south Aegean Sea early  Tuesday evening. The epicenter was located in the sea area 104 km South-East of the island of Karpathos. No connection with the 6.8R earthquake in Turkey, say Greek seismologists.

The earthquake had a focal depth was 23 km.

The earthquake occurred at 5:38 p.m. and it was followed by two aftershocks of 3.4 R and 3.8 R and one of 4.1R at 6:12 p.m.

Due its magnitude and its focal depth, the earthquake was felt mainly on the islands of  Karpathos, Kasos and Rhodes.

There are no reports about injuries or material damages.

The south of the island of Karpathos lays the fault line of Hellenic Arc. Following the the 6.8R in South-East Turkey last Friday Greek seismologists said the earthquake on the East Anatolian fault line had nothing to do with Greece.

Director of the Greek Geo-dynamic Institute Akis Tselentis reassured that the Karpathos earthquake had no connection with Turkey. Speaking to Alpha TV, he sida that the 5.2R occurred at the Hellenic Arc.

Greece has witnessed intense seismic activity in the last hours.

Two tremors measuring of 3.8R and 3.7R had earlier occurred in Atalanti and Zakynthos.

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