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Greece: Night curfew, suspension of 3 permit options in 5 municipalities

Greece’s authorities have imposed night curfew in five municipalities and one of them also in quarantine due to high risk of coronavirus spread. At the same time, authorities have suspended three out of six options in total on lockdown movement permits in these five municipal units. Citizens there will no longer be allowed to offer help to people in need or to take a dog for a walk for longer than 15 minutes.

Head of Civil Protection Nikos Hardalias announced on Tuesday afternoon that night curfew is imposed as of 8:00 p.m. on Tuesday, March 31 and for the next 14 days in three municipalities in Kastoria, West Macedonia, and two in Xanthi, North-East Greece.

Affected are the municipality units of Mesopotamia, Orestido and Nesotrio in Kastoria, Myki and Xanthi.

The night curfew is imposed from 8:00 p.m. until 8:00 a.m. the following morning.

The municipality of Mesopotamia is placed under quarantine as of Tuesday, while Myki is under quarantine since last week.

In these five municipalities, the options B4 (help people in need), B5 (go to bank, ceremony) and B6 (exercise/dog walking) on Lockdown Movement Permits are suspended.

This means, that people in need will be supplied only by municipality teams, close relatives can attend only a funeral and pet owners are allowed to conduct a 15-minute dog walking near the house only.

Open markets (laiki) will operate with a 10-meter distance between the selling banks. Currently and in the rest of the country is 5 meters.

Also in these areas, one customer per 20 square meter will be allowed in supermarkets.

Reason for the quarantine and the night curfew is a “high concentration of virus load,” Hardalias said adding that the health centers and ambulance services are enhanced in these areas.

He called on residents of these five municipalities to make food supplies for several days and warned that “the situation is crucial and the risk of virus spread high.”

The head of Civil Protection announced the closure of two open markets in the Municipality of Ilion, East Athens, for violating the crowding restrictions.

He expressed his displeasure about the queues outside the banks on Tuesday, the last day of the month, when pensions and allowances are being paid and debtors have to pay installments, something not possible per online banking.

At the same daily briefing, a, “offended” government official claimed that people do the government wrong if they still go to the banks, when online services work perfect.

PS Apparently she is not aware that many people cannot do e-banking and or that some payments need to be paid cash at the counter or with credit/debit card at the ATM.

She is probably from the same school of thought claiming that the virus is transmitted only at night and therefore also the night curfew in the municipalities under quarantine.

Don’t get me wrong! I fully support movement restriction measures, however, some are imposed by a state that often has no idea about real life essential needs.

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