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Swimmer in Crete fined €150 for violating the coronavirus “swimming ban”

The first fine was imposed on a swimmer in Chania on the island of Crete on Wednesday for violating a new lockdown ban, the swimming ban, hardly known to the broad public.

The woman was enjoying the sea on Wednesday afternoon, when she heard the siren of the local Coast Guard and a loudspeaker calling her to come out of the water. It is the first fine imposed to a swimmer for violating a relevant ban released in the context of coronavirus restrictions.

She swam back to the shore Agioi Apostoloi beach just to receive a ticket fining her with 150 euros for having violating the swimming ban.

She told the officers that she was not aware of any swimming ban, but they did not show the slightest flexibility or understanding. On the contrary, they told that the ban has been in effect since March 23, 2020.

This is, of course, unfair because the relevant circular banning swimming, fishing and water-sports was sent to port authorities and coast guards late on Tuesday, March 30, (we reported about it on April 1). Furthermore, it was not broadly published on internet or broadcast via television and radios.

On the fine ticket, officers noted as reason for the fine that “she was moving unnecessarily.”

Obviously angered about the fine the swimmer sent an e-mail to local media zarpanews that published the story and the fine ticket.

Those violating the lockdown restrictions are fined with 150 euros, yet they can appeal the fine within three days.

PS if police and other law enforcement officers would be also so zealous in fining drivers violating the traffic code, Greece would have repaid its debt ago decades ago…

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