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Greece Weather Red Alert: Heavy rainfalls, storms, wind up to 10 Beaufort

Greece’s National Meteorological Service EMY has issued a red alert on extreme weather phenomena with gale force winds reaching up to 10 Beaufort, rainfalls, thunderstorms and snow. The country is forecast to be hit by two weather fronts: one coming from the North, affecting the central and northern parts of the country with temperature drop and snowfalls and one coming from the South, affecting the south parts,thus increasing temperature up to 26 degrees Celsius.

EMY Map indicative for April 4.

The most intense phenomena are expected on Saturday, April 4, with rainstorms and heavy snowfalls  in central and northern parts of the country. On Sunday, April 5, rain and storms will prevail throughout most of Greece, initially focused in northern and southern Greece and gradually moving south to central and southern Greece.

At the same time, the weather front coming from Libya will increase temperature in the southern parts of the country, up to 25-26 degrees Celsius in Crete, for example and strong southern winds.

Gale force winds will prevail in the Aegean Sea as of Saturday afternoon and will be blowing with intensity up to 9 Beaufort, reaching locally up to 10 B. The gale force winds will continue until Wednesday, April 8.

At the same time, the southern winds will also bring Sahara dust in high concentration levels.

Weather warning Red Alert by EMY

Heavy Rainfalls and Thunderstorms

As of Saturday noon in East Peloponnese, East Sterea, Evia, East Thessaly, the Sporades islands, temporary the Ionian Sea (mainly the South).

As of afternoon the Cyclades islands and the islands of East Aegean Sea, and by the evening North Agean and the south parts of Central Macedonia, mainly Halkidiki.

The phenomena are expected to be particularly intense in East Sterea, Evia and Sporades form Saturday afternoon until Sunday noon.

Attica warning

Especially intense weather phenomena from Saturday afternoon until Sunday noon.

Stormy and Gale Force Winds

Saturday, April 4

Initially eastern winds blowing with intensity 7-9 Beaufort initially in the West and the South, as of the evening also in the North Aegean Sea.

Sunday, April 5

Gradually North-North-East wind  that will reach gale level of 10 Beaufort.

Powerful winds of 8-9 Beaufort will prevail in the Aegean Sea until early morning Wednesday, April 8.

Indicative weather forecast Monday, April 6


Mainly on Saturday and Sunday in the mountainous areas (altitude 900 meters) in Central and North Greece. They will be dense locally in central Sterea, Thessaly and West Macedonia where it will snow also in altitude of 600 meters.

Snow falls are expected to weaken as of Sunday afternoon.

The bad weather will help a better implementation of the lockdown measures and movement restrictions due to the coronavirus outbreak in the country.

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