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“Pink Supermoon” will fill Greece ‘s sky on April 7-8

The biggest and brightest moon of the year, the supermoon also known as the “Pink Moon” will rise in Greece tonight, Tuesday, April 8. The “Pink Moon” does not literally turns pink tonight, yet, it gets its name from wild flower creeping phlox blooming at this time of the year.

The pink supermoon will approach the Earth at its closest point for this year, at a distance of 356,907 kilometers (200,000 miles.)

The moon will appear 30% brighter and 14% bigger and tidal phenomena will be more intense.

If you want to see the supermoon, whether pink or not, and you are hindered because of the coronavirus movement restrictions, consider yourself lucky to have a window or a balcony in East direction or “dig a hole on the wall.”

The supermoon on April 7-8 is the third and the best out of the four supermoons in 2020.

The next supermoon will be on May 7.

PS Hope the gale force winds of 10 Beaufort will not sweep away the pink moon, tonight.

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