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Swimming & exercise restrictions do not apply if for therapeutic purposes

Swimming and exercise restrictions in Greece do not apply if they are for therapeutic purposes, the head of the Civil Protection said over the weekend. He did not specify all the cases excepted from the restrictions but just just mention autism, multiple sclerosis and rehabilitation purposes.

Nikos Hardalias said on Saturday during the daily briefing:

“In relation to the restrictions so far, we must clarify and make it clear that they do not concern our fellow citizens with serious health problems, who need either physical exercise or other therapeutic practices, such as swimming or other recovery modes. It should be clear that  [the reason for ]exercise must be accompanied by the necessary certificate/document and the necessary doctor’s assessment. Children with autism, our fellow citizens with multiple sclerosis, citizens in recovery phases, are always at the center of our attention, our care, but also our respect.’

The exemptions come info effect after a mother with an autistic child posted on social media account of Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis telling him about the desperation of those in need of swimming or exercising for therapeutic purposes.

She asked Mitsotakis to re-evaluate the lockdown restrictions and the total ban on swimming as imposed by the Greek Coast Guard for people with invalidity and special needs. It should be noted that also swimming in pools is not possible as they have been shut down.

Mother Anna wrote to the Prime Minister that children with autism, people with special needs not only need specific exercises but also more than one assistants when they want to exercise.
Option <B6> on the Movement Permits allows maximum two people to go outside home for exercise.
KTG understands that people with special needs or in need of rehavilitation are allowed to swim or exercise also in company of more than just one person, provided that the need for these activities is ordered and documented by a doctor.

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