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Crash test for lockdown “May 1 weekend”, same restrictions as over Easter

“Sectors of the economy will gradually open in May and June always in the interest of public health,” government spokesman Stelios Petsas said on Wednesday, warning that the “next crash test” for the course of the coronavirus pandemic and the lifting of lockdown will be the long weekend around May 1.

He made clear that there will be no traveling from the urban centers to the countryside over the long weekend Friday-Sunday, May 1-3, 2020.

“It is certain that the three days around May Day will be like the Easter days,” he said, however, without announcing whether fines for movement violations will be doubled again, from 150 euros to 300 euros, as during the long Easter weekend.

While many Greek believe that gradually lifting the lockdown restrictions will also mean “automatically free movement,” Petsas said that even if businesses slowly return to operation, “there will still be movement restrictions.”

He spoke of a “6-step plan,” of “week by week, two weeks by two weeks, until the end of May we will have returned to normalcy.”

In previous statements, he had spoken of return to normalcy to be concluded by end of June.

Petsas said that “a lot of weight will be given to tourism,” while the adaptation of the vulnerable and the elderly will be quite careful.

Regarding the issue of schools re-opening, Petsas said “we listen to the experts’ advice, but the issue is related to other things, such as the structure of the household, such as whether there are elderly people or vulnerable.”

Especially for elementary schools, he said that much depends on whether a grandparent will pick up the child from the school  or a parent will have to leave work for the same purpose.

Whether the “special purpose vacation” for parents working in the private sector will be extended, he said the final lockdown easing plan has to be issued first.

Petsas reiterated that a partial reopening of lower courts will take place as of April 27.

On Tuesday, the Justice Minister informed the bar associations about the lower courts opening, saying that secretariats will handle cases without the presence of the involved sides being necessary, while the full operation of courts will be gradually restored only in agreement with the health authorities. Land-transaction offices (ypothikofylakeia) will also begin operation on April 27. The minister noted that the government will extend the operational year for courts in order to deal with the backlog of cases.

PS I guess there will be no traditional May Day demonstrations this year…

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  1. COVID19 is mutating with every new infection, the initial outbreak in Wohan was the mildest variant, the virus has changed significantly along the belt and road on its way to Europe, we are nowat genetic variation no. 200+. it is increasing its ability to spread and kill, it is staying alive on surfaces and in the air longer than before. Even if we avoid infection now, we will be struck down by a mutated new variant in the future, it will be with us forever. We must give ourselves the mildest variant now, so that we have a chance against future variants otherwise we will be wiped out. NO it is not a weapon, but it will behave very much like it.

    • Not really, corona viruses are very stable compared to flu.

      • Dave van de Gevel

        I take it the Steven Sanetsis has the appropriate knowledge and qualifications to to make such a provocative and doom-laden statement?
        Strange that none of the real experts in this field of virology has hinted at a potential mutation of Covid-19.
        Please, Steven, think deeply before you make potentially damaging claims that may cause distress or panic amongst the wider public.

  2. Do you think I post carefully written things here as some sort of game, that you can just delete when you feel like it? What is wrong with you? I suggest you find a good psychiatrist.

    • keeptalkinggreece

      you have been posting to each and every comment. that’s a no-no. and last time you posted here (for one more time!!!)