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Greece attracts interest for flights booking amid pandemic

Greece and Switzerland seem to be monopolizing the interest of those searching for flights, according to new research on sojern travel marketing website. This, although expected, should not lead to complacency, as the reduction in demand for flights is noticeable, despite the start of the gradual lifting of restrictions in several countries.

The easing of measures in Europe will lead to the opening of small shops and schools, but the tourism sector is expected to be the last to benefit from the gradual lifting.

Global Flight Searches and Bookings Continue their Plateau

While there are signs that some European countries are looking to incrementally relax their lockdowns, global flight searches and bookings continue to plateau. There are some small upticks—such as flight searches to Switzerland, and flight bookings to Greece—but overall, all countries are showing that flight searches and bookings well down year over year.

The easing of lockdown restrictions currently includes the partial opening of some non-essential businesses, as well as schools, as a first step. We anticipate that travel will be one of the last industries that benefits from the easing of lockdown restrictions. This week, we’ve included several other European countries, including those in Eastern Europe, to show how far-reaching these declines, and at current, plateaus, remain.

Global Flight Searches to Key European Markets 

Global Flight Bookings to Key European Markets

source: COVID-19: Insights on Travel Impact, Europe #18

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